Israeli New Research Found the Second Booster Vaccine could not Prevent Omicron

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On Jan 17th local time, new research conducted in Sheba Hospital, Israel indicated that many people who took the fourth injection still got infected with the Omicron variant, despite a bit less than those in the control group.

It was learned that the hospital tested the second booster shot (also known as the fourth shot) given to more than 270 workers last December, with 154 getting the Pfizer jab and 120 getting the Moderna jab. Dr. Gili Regev-Yochay, director of the hospital’s infection disease unit, led this study and found that the fourth vaccine only offered a partial defense against the virus despite a slightly higher increase in antibodies than after the third shot. She added that the vaccines were not good enough to prevent the less severe, but more-contagious Omicron variant.

The government’s data also indicated that even if 80% of Israeli adult residents had taken two shots and more than half of them have taken the boosters, the country, however, still experienced the all-time high infections recently.

This study has led local residents to question the Israeli government’s mandatory decision to promote the second booster. However, hours after releasing the results, the hospital issued a statement under the pressure of the Israeli Health Ministry, saying that the government could continue the vaccination drive, even though it didn’t effectively prevent citizens from getting infected with Omicron.

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