Vaccine Mandate for Truckers would Exacerbate Food Crisis

Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team – Accelerator

On Jan 15th, Toronto Sun reported that the Canadian federal government’s policy to require all entry truckers to provide vaccination proof brought serious problems to the region.

The Canadian government planned to require all truckers entering from U.S. to show proof of vaccination on November, 2021 and the policy would come into effect on 15, January, 2022. In this regard, the Canadian Trucking Alliance said an unvaccinated driver needed to quarantine for 14 days when crossing the border into Canada, this could force approximate 16000 drivers off the road.

Statistical data indicats that Canada annually imports American agricultural products worth about $21 billion and American southern states play a critical role in food supply to Canadian consumers in winter. Given that bout 60 to 70 percent of the imported food were delivered by truck, the vaccine passport could even affect Canadians’ food access and become the first public health measure to disrupt the U.S.-Canada trade since the pandemic.

The report pointed out that the CCP virus had put Canadian public health system under enormous pressure. Moreover, the food inflation posed a challenge to the Trudeau’s Liberal government. In such circumstances, vaccine passports for truckers would make Canadian citizens easy victims of the vaccine mandates.


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