Canada Vancouver Sailing Farm Daily News – Jan. 21 2022(2)

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1,On the evening of January 19, the Guangdong real estate company China Aoyuan officially announced its default, and will not pay the two US-dollar bonds due this month; and the other two US-dollar bonds that have not yet expired will not continue to pay interest. At the same time, all other foreign financial liabilities will default.

2,On January 21, according to the Hong Kong Fisheries and Conservation Department, samples were taken from more than 30 pet shops, and positive samples for COVID-19 were found in a hamster cage in a pet shop in Yuen Long. Authorities say there is a high chance that animals can transmit the virus to humans. Comment: There is no most absurd, only more absurd!

3,U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Brown ruled against the Biden administration, arguing that President Joe Biden lacked authority to “mandate that all federal employees consent to vaccination against COVID-19 or lose their jobs.”

4,The Federal Reserve finally released a much-delayed paper yesterday opining on the pros and cons of developing its own central bank digital currency (CBDC), but without coming to any firm conclusions.

5,According to MilesGuo: Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi, Wang Huning, Wang Qishan, Li Zhaoxing and Tang Jiaxuan, betrayed national interests and hurt the Chinese people more seriously than Zhao Gao or Li Si in history. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif proved internationally that the CCP corrupts leaders around the world!

6,According to MilesGuo: The Biden administration has strongly demanded the CCP: either fully open the Wuhan laboratory to trace the source of COVID-19 as required by the United States, or completely decouple in the political and economical domain.

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