【G-Hour News】U.S. plane maker accuses Pudong Technology of illegally transferring technology threatening U.S. national security

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According to the Liberty Times reported on January 19th, a report published in the Wall Street Journal, an American aircraft manufacturing company Icon accused Pudong Technology illegally transferring its advanced technology to China, which may be used for military purposes, thereby threatening U.S. national security.

Icon Aircraft, a U.S. amphibious aircraft manufacturer, filed a notification with CFIUS in August last year.The notice stated that Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Investment Company started to invest in Icon in 2015.Until 2017,the company’s stake can already dominate Icon, began to arrange people into the Icon board and management team, and putting pressure on other shareholders, at the same time deciding to transfer Icon technology to China’s plan.

Reports point to a carbon fiber plane made by Icon with foldable wings, capable of taking off and landing on land and water and being converted into a military drone.

Icon says, Pudong Technology may use its advanced technology illegally transferred to China for military use, threatening U.S. national security.The company strongly calls on CFIUS to investigate Pudong Tech’s investment practices.

Pudong Technology argued that it licensed Icon’s technology to a Chinese company is to avoid icon’s collapse due to a shortage of working capital.

Some commented that this is a typical way for China to steal technology through blue-gold-yellow means.Chinese companies are all agents of the CCP, they purposefully choose target companies to inject a lot of money, arranging for a company to acquire control in the name of the invested company and then transfer the technology to another Chinese company, finally successfully acquired the company’s technology.

Not only is CFIUS currently investigating CCP-backed Pudong Technology’s investment in Icon, the FBI has also launched an independent investigation.

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