Miles Whistleblowing 1/21: Jiang Faction Commemorates Deng Xiaoping’s Southern Tour Speech in High Profile

Written by: Ermat

Seeing that the country is about to be ruined, Jiang faction bigwigs, who are well versed in international politics and do not want to be buried with Xi Jinping, have issued a high-profile challenge to Xi Jinping, who is in power, by commemorating Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech. In response, Mr. Guo Wengui said in a live broadcast on Jan. 21 that the CCP’s infighting will be very intense for self-preservation, and that a major change in the CCP state that has not been seen in decades may be coming.

Deng Xiaoping had already set up the army in Beijing when he spoke during his southern tour that year. If there is no reform and opening up, he will arrest people. After that, Jiang Zemin definitely gave in and also agreed to let Qiao Shi and Song Ping out to take power. Later, Yao Yilin also came out. The Communist Party had rearranged itself at this point and redistributed its interests.

At this point Xi Zhongxun was not happy. I started the reform and opening up, how can the credit go to you, Deng Xiaoping? This is actually where Xi Jinping was very torn. In fact, for the reform and opening up, Xi Zhongxun is credited most. He also said that there should be no more killing. At that time, in a lake in Shenzhen thousands of people were killed somethings in a day. The CCP chose to go for socialism with Chinese characteristics, neither extreme left nor extreme right. But when Xi Jinping came to power, he chose the far-left path, the exact opposite of his father.

Xi Jinping’s hairdresser said to him in a meeting, first, after Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech, today your far-left line has completely destroyed the market value that China had accumulated in the world, and the credibility that the Communist Party might transform. Second, the West is besieging you and you are confronting the West, which is a completely different concept. A confrontation with the West would be an absolute disaster, both for you and for the entire Chinese economy and politics. This virus and vaccine incident, as well as the Hong Kong incident, have made this country the enemy of two-thirds people of the world. There is nothing you can do to change that. What’s worse, it’s impossible for people in the party to respond to you in the same way they did to Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech. All want you to get into trouble, we all see it very clearly.

At that time Xi Jinping was dumbfounded, he said do you really think so? This view seem to be consistent with the Western view? He said, the West has this point of view. Xi Jinping asked, do you think China still needs to adjust back? Should it adjust to the middle or should it come back? The answer is that it’s not possible, you no longer have a chance. If you don’t have the courage to change your political system, you’ll never get a second chance.

From the 11th and 13th Congresses to today’s 20th Congress, the CCP has played all the cards in its hand, from the extreme left to the extreme right. The CCP has taken all the roads, including the ambition to annex the world. The Communist Party has run out of roads to go down. Now there is only one left, to turn the Communist Party into a party that is truly in line with Western civilization, where the people enjoy the right to elect with one person, one vote. That is why today, Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan, are commemorating Deng Xiaoping’s Southern Tour speech in a high profile manner. This is also to tell everyone that the timely brakes back gave China the so-called 30 years. If the brakes are not applied in time now, everyone will be finished.

Today, the political struggle within the Communist Party has reached an absolute level. And the following four aspects will make it even more doomed. One, in the world, Europe is going to break off diplomatic relations with the Communist Party, or maybe they will do it together with the United States. Two, the Chinese Communist Party has been completely disillusioned in terms of technology, and the battle in Holland was a fatal blow to it. Third, people all over the world are looking for the source of covid-19 virus. Fourth, the Winter Olympics are completely finished.

All mankind is exploring the question, in the end, can China’s reform and opening up, or deep reform save China? The conclusion is that the only way to avoid the Communist threat and poisoning of the world is to adopt a one-person-one-vote electoral system. Only the New Federal State of China can do that.

I don’t believe Xi Jinping can hold out until after the Winter Olympics and then reform and open up, Mr. Guo said. The decoupling of technology and diplomacy in Europe and the US, and the fact that he’s out of money will give him a big turn. But if we don’t destroy the Communist Party, we don’t have anything.


2022年1月21日 文贵大直播

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