Beijing Olympics App “My2022” Has Devastating Safety Flaws

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Emily G

On January 19th, a Taiwan media reported that the CCP authorities mandate all Winter Olympics participants, including athletes, spectators, and media, to download an APP called “MY2022”. However, an interdisciplinary laboratory “Citizen Lab” based at Toronto University in Canada, issued warnings in a report that the app contains devastating safety flaws where encryption protecting users’ voice audio and file transfers can be easily bypassed.

According to the report, it has found in the Winter Olympics app a list of 2,442 keywords that are considered politically relevant. Examples of such censored terms include references to party leaders’ names, government bodies, Tiananmen Square incident occurred on June 4th, 1989, Falun Gong (a forbidden religious group) etc. Most of them are in simplified Chinese, and some are in Tibetan, Uighur, and English. The app also has reporting feature that allows users to report any other politically sensitive contents. 

The analyst pointed out that this app may potentially lead to non-transparent content removal and malicious reporting. Citizen Lab stated that if users are identified as targets, hackers may easily exploit the software’s transmission vulnerabilities to steal user data. 


Posted by: Malaca

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