US Olympic Committee: To Avoid Being Monitored, Athletes Are Advised Not To Bring Personal Mobile Phones to the Winter Olympics

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On January 20, foreign media reported that the US Olympic Committee advised American athletes not to bring their own mobile phones to the Beijing Winter Olympics, and advised athletes to use disposable phones and pay attention to cybersecurity at all times to avoid being monitored by the CCP government.

The US Olympic Committee issued different guidelines and recommendations than in previous Olympic Games, which only advised athletes to obey local regulations and respect the culture of the host country. The US Olympic Committee pointed out that the CCP government exercises mass surveillance on domestic people in the country and censors social media articles. Every digital device, call, text message, and network activity may be monitored, and the device may be cracked by malware, which will negatively affect future use.

The CCP government has developed a mobile application called My2022 for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which requires all delegation members and media participating in the Olympics to use the APP. However, it was recently discovered by foreign research institutions that it has serious information security vulnerabilities.

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In order to avoid being monitored by the CCP government, several Olympic committees have urged delegation members not to carry personal mobile phones when participating in the Winter Olympics.

The Canadian Olympic Committee stated that the Beijing Winter Olympics are a good opportunity for cybercrime, and it is recommended that relevant personnel be cautious and protect the security of personal information.

The British Olympic Committee has also issued recommendations on the use of digital devices for participants to choose.

The Dutch authorities said they would distribute disposable mobile phones to the delegation and destroy them after returning to the Netherlands.

At the same time, Germany, Belgium, and other countries also issued similar recommendations.

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避免遭中國監控 多國政府勸冬奧運動員「別帶私人手機」

避免遭中国政府监控 美国奥委会建议运动员不要带手机参加北京冬奥会

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