British Prime Minister: England Is About To End Mandatory Vaccination Policy

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On January 19, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in Parliament that England was about to end its mandatory vaccine policy.

According to a video released by Mr. Wengui Guo (Miles Guo) on Gettr, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in parliament on the same day that he was considering the extraordinary vaccine booster campaign and, together with the way the public has responded to the mandatory vaccination, starting on January 27, will end the mandatory vaccination policy in England. The decision received broad support from the House of Representatives.

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Johnson added that from now on, people will no longer have to work from home or wear masks anywhere. At the same time, he stressed that anyone who chooses not to wear a mask will not be convicted.

In addition, Johnson said that self-isolation measures are still a legal requirement for patients infected with the CCP virus, although the government plans to end the measure on March 24 or earlier. In the future, the government will guide the public to prevent the virus in a suggested way instead of enforcing epidemic prevention measures.

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Boris Johnson: Covid mandatory certification will end in England next Thursday

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