In Japan, the COVID Epidemic Hit a New High With 46,000 Confirmed Cases in a Single Day

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On January 20, the COVID-19 epidemic in Japan hit a new high, with 46,000 new confirmed cases that day, and many counties and cities recorded new highs for new confirmed cases in a single day.

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The Central News Agency reported that 46,200 new cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in Japan that day, hitting new high records for three consecutive days. Tokyo recorded 8,638 new cases on the same day, setting a new record for two consecutive days. As of that day, an average of 5,386.1 new cases were added every day for a total of seven days, setting a new record.

In addition, the number of new cases in many counties in Japan hit a record high, including 1,437 cases in Hokkaido, 2,452 in Saitama, 3,344 in Kanagawa, 1,320 in Kyoto, 3,074 in Aichi, 1,569 in Hiroshima, and 2,225 in Fukuoka. Furthermore, there were 5,933 new cases in Osaka Prefecture and 2,483 cases in Hyogo Prefecture, the second highest records in these regions.

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日本新增確診4.6萬例東京8638例 皆再創新高

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