Miles Whistleblowing 1.19.2022: Davos Forum is an accomplice of CCP and the communist party of the world

Written by 大浪小水花
Translated by nstar


On Jan. 19 2022, Miles mentioned the Davos Forum for the first time. He pointed out that Davos Forum members have the following three characteristics:

  • They has the ability to influence the political and military of the country.
  • They control the wealth that can shape the fate of hundreds of millions of people.
  • Their hands are stained with the blood of countless lives.

Based on a series of speeches by the CCP in Davos and the sources of those who attended the Davos forum, Miles pointed out that the Davos Forum is a club of dark forces, a club that controls the fate of humankind, and a slave-owning club that makes the whole world a slave.

Miles said that the Davos Forum has been in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party since 2001, when it got a ticket to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and the WTO, and that the CCP has also taken full control of the Davos Forum and does not allow Westerners to have a say. Miles pointed out that now that the world is about to issue currency, the world economy is about to collapse, and the united states is preparing to raise interest rates, the CCP promised the Davos Forum that as long as it does not expose the CCP’s fraud of over-issuing currency and real estate, and continues to enslave 1.4 billion Chinese people, the CCP will use the blood, sweat and life of Chinese to absorb the bubble of the world economy.

Miles reminded his fight-followers that the Davos Forum is closely related to every person of Chinese. The Davos Forum has exploited and sacrificed the blood and sweat of Chinese for seventy years, the future of Chinese descendants, china’s healthy land and china’s rich resources, so that they can live to this day.

Miles emphasized that the CCP is the Chinese Davos Forum and the Davos Forum is the world’s Communist Party. The Davos Forum is the accomplice of the Communist Party.

Without a trial of the Davos Forum, they will destroy the world. The New Federal State of China and the Davos Forum will have a great battle between light and darkness. The Davos Forum will become the forum for the collapse of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Eventually the New Federal State of China will make the Davos Forum Do NOT have a foothold in China any more.


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