[January 20th, 2022] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is January 20th.

Our grand live broadcast yesterday continues to make a big impact as usual. So, you can see after each of our live broadcasts, there is always something new to talk about.

I showed a picture of my younger Brother-8 on the previous grand live broadcast, it sparked a big wave of everybody posting their childhood pictures.

Since yesterday’s show, all of a sudden, the main topics of conversations have changed, from understanding the Whistleblower Movement in the beginning, to joining the Whistleblower Movement, then fighting for the Whistleblower Movement; seeing the huge turn of vaccine politics all over the world yesterday and the fact that we saved so many people, everybody suddenly changed — the Whistleblower Movement has come to a new era!

I barely had a break since last night. I had a 4-hour long video session last night, which made me exhausted, and I was absolutely parched. But I was thrilled because countries worldwide, from all regions, want more information about the vaccine disaster from the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and Brother-7.

The NFSC and our platforms like G-TV, G-News, GETTR have released so much information and uncovered all the truth about the vaccine and the CCP coronavirus, which can be considered unparalleled. When the world investigates the origin of the virus, where does the virus come from, as well as the evidence and the entire origin of the vaccine disaster in the future process, there will be no better and more truthful evidence and information than the ones published by our platforms.  

So, let me tell you this: what you did in the past 10 to 20 months, every minute, every day, the work which you thought unimportant at all, you got frustrated because no one was paying attention, or all kinds of things you thought worthless, are now proven to be of infinite value — it helped too many people.

Moreover, looking back at the information that was dispersed, it has also unintentionally spread the truth that the CCP abuses Chinese people and the concept that the CCP cannot represent the Chinese. We Chinese are the biggest victims, and the CCP is the reason why we live a life worse than pigs or dogs.

What is socialism? What is communism? It is just a bunch of hooligans who rob all the hard-working, wealth-creating people of their money and then murder them — that is the communism and socialism. And with all kinds of tricks — that is called communism.

It is not enough for the CCP to do this in China, now it wants to expand this model worldwide, so it unleashed the virus and created the vaccine disaster. As a result, the situation is out-of-control.

Many of our compatriots in China still support the CCP claiming they love the party — what has the CCP given you? What has it ever given you? What can it give you?

Can the CCP give our Chinese people one thousand each? Can the CCP do this? Such a country and such a nation. Just witness together the hideous features of the CCP — it cannot afford to give you, and of course, is unwilling to, because the CCP will be finished if it gives you the money.

No matter if it is the CCP or the US government, no governments in the world create a single penny of wealth. It is the people who create wealth, the government is to make Lao-Bai-Xing (ordinary people) pay taxes, no government creates wealth by itself.

As for the CCP, not only does it not create wealth, but it also squanders public wealth without any restrictions.

In order to get the Russian president and some other small countries’ leaders to come to Beijing, the CCP would rather be cheated out of hundreds of millions, billions, even tens of billions of dollars, so that those foreign leaders will attend the Winter Olympics this time.

Spending trillions of RMB to host the Winter Olympics, just for an event of only a few days, uh?

The CCP pays over $100 billion to buy off Putin to come to the Winter Olympics, his attendance for no more than 24 hours will cost the CCP 100 billion US dollars, almost 700 billion RMB. That is nearly the GDP of a small province for an entire year.

Our Lao-Bai-Xing in China are treated like pigs and dogs by the CCP, but they seem to enjoy it. 

They never ask themselves, “Why are we so impoverished?”

They never ask themselves, “Why don’t we have good doctors to help us?”

They never ask themselves, “Why have I lived my whole life without much real change —   only less and less happiness, but more and more illness?”

On the grand live broadcast tomorrow, we will reveal more details about the CCP’s collusion with these small countries and the countries in the West ahead of the Winter Olympics.

We will also talk about the CCP’s plan to launch more than 2 million so-called “snow-making rockets” into the sky before the Winter Olympics — it is said that 100,000 of such missiles were launched in Beijing yesterday. How catastrophic will this bring to the climate?

How will the advent of the digital RMB rob the Chinese of their wealth? The new version of the paper RMB will be released in no time. So, for anybody who has cash deposited at home that has not been spent, that money could become worthless just overnight — completely!

Also, the real estate tax is on its way. It means that, whether in a rural area or city, if you live in a place that exceeds the size that is allowed by the CCP — the size you should have as a pig — the real estate tax can make you bankrupt.

To those who accumulated some wealth, their children will lose the chance and right to inherit and enjoy the wealth they created in their lives through hard work. Just like people who cannot afford to buy a cemetery, pay the cremation fee, and buy a quality urn to bury themselves after they die.

The collapse of China’s economy and the CCP’s exploitation of the Chinese will reach an excessive degree after the Winter Olympics.

The CCP, who boasts that “its kindness is greater than everybody’s own parents”, and the “Red Sun Chairman Mao” extolled in a song “On Top of The Golden Mountain in Beijing”, will truly cause pain to the Chinese — be in pain without dying yet every day a continued nightmare!

This is the CCP, and it will soon show its fangs once and for all. Right?

Before we are done with eliminating the CCP, how many Chinese believe we can do it? Very rarely do people believe that. Right?

We are not taking down the CCP to make you believe us. We do it because the CCP is our threat, our enemy. It is also a public enemy of all humanity. Therefore, the CCP must be eradicated!

Look at Japan, look at Germany. The two nations with highly similar national characters, both a bit extreme, see to what degree they hate the CCP now?

In Britain, France, Belgium, and Italy, so many people died. Will these countries not settle the score with the CCP?

The US has not yet shifted focus onto the origin of the virus because of the tit-for-tat situation between the two Parties.

So, the CCP, do you think you can succeed through dirty deals, to claim that the virus was leaked unintentionally from the lab, that it was due to the lab’s experiments on natural animals which led to the leak, that the leak of the virus was because of animal experiments and was not intentional? 

Do you think you can confuse the facts in this way? The CCP, I am here waiting for you, do you think you can get past? Do you think your collusion with WHO would be forgotten? Do you expect to cover everything up by buying off people? It is impossible! No way!

Brothers and sisters, the big show has just begun.

Tomorrow I am going to answer some questions from our fellow fighters about the Himalaya Coin (HCNs) investment and some projects in progress. Many fellow fighters asked questions about these things, therefore I will reply tomorrow.

We received so much good news yesterday, but you must stay alive until the good news is truly fulfilled. Speaking of the truth, if harmed, of course, we must manage to find out the truth. The critical point is that you must survive until the truth is revealed.

When the vaccine disaster is over, it would be better that you are still alive. Be cautious not to get infected with the CCP virus. Don’t take any chances.

And the economic and vaccine disasters in 2022 have not started yet, okay? Brothers and sisters, you must be careful.

The NFSC is the only Noah’s Ark for the Chinese and the world. Do not believe me? Let us wait and see.

I will say no more. See you in tomorrow’s live broadcast.

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