Denmark Warns of Increasing Espionage Threat From Communist China

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According to Taiwan media reports on January 13th, Denmark warned that the threat of espionage from China, Russia and Iran is rising, including in the Arctic region where major powers compete for resources and sea routes.

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The Danish Security and Intelligence Service said that it had uncovered numerous examples of attempts to spy on Denmark. Denmark’s active global involvement makes it an attractive target for espionage. Henriksen, head of the counter-intelligence unit at the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, said that the threat of foreign intelligence activities to Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands had gradually increased in recent years.

It was reported that last November a professor of Chinese nationality at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark conducted genetic research with the Chinese military. The Danish report also pointed out that intelligence agencies, including China, have been trying to contact students, researchers and companies to exploit information related to Danish technology and research.

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