Apple and Google Interfere with German Freedom of Speech Via Telegram

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Andrea

On January 15th of 2022,  Joana Cotar, a spokesperson for digital policy of the AFD parliamentary group in Berlin, Germany, exposed a censorship scandal.  Cotar is also a member of the Federal Board of Directors.

It has been discovered that comments have been hidden in certain channels of the Telegram app in recent days.   Boris Reitschuster is a right-wing media person who does not support a mandatory jab.  “All comments under Telegram downloaded from Apple and Google stores are affected by this and only the Telegram comments on the web version are displayed normally”

Spokesman Joana Cotar said it was outrageous that Apple and Google were interfering with freedom of speech in Germany and the state is obliged to implement this fundamental right.  Germany is on the verge of losing all their freedom if it is found that politicians and/or the authorities have pressured the companies to carry out such censorship.

It is scandalous that Apple and Google are interfering with freedom of expression in Germany. 

As yet, only the countries of China, Belarus, Iran or Russia have taken action against Telegram, while Germany’s lack of participation is shameful.


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