Suspected Theft of Technology, CCP’s Investment Drew FBI and the Foreign Investment Committee Investigations

Translated by: MOS Eduction Team – Maverick

On January 18th, an American media revealed the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Foreign Investment Committee are investigating the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) investment in an aircraft start-up company. Previously, there were allegations that the company had improperly transferred technology to Communist China. It is reported the Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Investment Company, a CCP company, initially invested in a company that produces small amphibious aircraft in California with a small investment to circumvent the review and supervision of the U.S. Committee of Foreign Investment. The aircrafts produced by this company can be modified into military drones.

Later, as the CCP gradually increased its investment in the aircraft company and became the largest shareholder of the company by 2017. Subsequently, the CCP pressured the company with the excuses of “electing acting directors” and the appointment of managers, demanded that the company to transfer technology to Communist China.

In March 2021, the first aircraft was delivered to Communist China. In April, the company began to transfer intellectual property rights, giving the CCP “right to unlimitedly absorb and adopt this technology”.

At present, the American FBI and the Foreign Investment Committee have yet to comment on the investigation.


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