Communist China’s Importation of Grain Reach a New High; For Whom Is The Grain Prepared?

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media “CBN” published an article, titled “China’s grain importation reached a new high, and the grain self-supply rate continues to decline”. The article states, that the CCP’s 2021 Central Economic Work Conference also made it clear: “We want to take advantage of the the two markets, but there must be a safety line. Once this line is crossed, there will be an alerting red light. It is necessary to clarify the strategic bottom line of self-sufficiency in domestic production of important energy and resources. The article clearly points out although China’s grain importation structure had changed in 2021, it is unavoidable fact that the grain importation has reached a new record high.

The total Grains Importation in the first nine months of 2021 ( Unit: 10,000 Tons)

Item:2021(First 9 Month) 2020 (First 9 Months) 2020 ( Whole Year)

Corns       2493                              667                                        1129

Wheat      756                             586                                          815

Grains       360                             168                                           295

Barley       861                               464                                          808

Sorghum   735                             350                                            481

Total:        5205                            2235                                         3528  

(Sources from Communist China General Customs Berean)

In the past two years, Communist China’s grain importation continued to reach record new highs, while its domestic granaries were constantly caught on fire. The Party media have increased the frequency of mentioning the country’s food issues. Since the pandemic started, the scenes of the CCP snapping up grains and foodstuffs have exceed the cognition limit of the international community. The CCP’s constant propaganda of its importation of grains hit record highs is to prove that the CCP’s food reserves are very sufficient, so the people do not need to panic. However, the CCP’s epidemic control lockdown has reveal the actual situation of the ordinary people’s struggle on food issues, and their survival is inseparable with the supply of grains. Now the question is, who is these grain prepared for?

The answer is obvious here, the grain is certainly not for ordinary people! Xi Jinping’s ambition to regain Taiwan and dominate the world is as clear as it is exposed to view. According to the ancient Chinese art of war, Grain and Grass go first before soldiers and horses move forward. It is obvious that these grain are prepared for the army, and they has nothing to do with the ordinary people. If ordinary people face real survival problem, perhaps they can only count on the granaries that have not been burned down by fire.

The CCP media repeatedly reported that the country’s grain productions have reached new high for N consecutive years. However, anyone with common sense could figure out that it is just a propaganda of the CCP to fool the people. Firstly, let us look at this year’s grain production in Northeastern China, the main grain producing areas, especially in the Province of Heilongjiang. Until this point, there is no exact number of deaths reported from the epidemic in Heilongjiang. Mr. Miles Guo revealed in the live broadcast that the severity of the epidemic in Heilongjiang is comparable to that of Wuhan, where millions of people died during the lockdown in 2019; In Heilongjiang, recently there are many villages where almost all inhabitants died, literally becoming ghost villages, and number of farmers decreased in large number. Secondly, the CCP is creating artificial snowfall for the Beijing Winter Olympics, resulting in snow disasters in inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning. Heilongjiang’s winter wheat was covered with rare heavy snow, resulting in wheat loss in many places. Lastly, let us look at the Henan Province, another important Grain producing area of Communist China. Due to the CCP’s prior action of opening the gate to release water from the reservoir, thousands of acres of fertile land were flooded, overnight there were many villages became ghost villages in Henan, and the grain production had reduced to zero!

The CCP’s man-made disasters wiped out the hard work of the farmers, what even more sad is, their names and their lives have also be seized by the CCP.  The fact that the CCP continues to publicize its large importation of grain is simply to comfort the ordinary people. With the empty local granaries, and the massive grain losses happening all over Communist China made it difficult to fill the gap, no matter how much grain is imported.  Let’s hope that the ordinary people in Communist China can realize evilness of the CCP, and to prepare their own grain that could last for two years so that they will be able to deal with the crisis that can come at any time!


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