Global Covid-19 Update (Australia Cases Surpassed 2 Million)

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Athena Covid-19 Update (20/1/2022)

1, Global Covid-19 Overview
Total number of infections: 336,828,562 (2,795,461 new cases, 47% up in 14 days)
Total number of deaths: 5,563,423 (7,299 new death, 18% up in 14 days)

2, Global Covid “vaccination” Overview
Total number of injections: 9.37 billion
Number of fully “vaccinated”: 3.92 billion
Percentage of fully “vaccinated”: 50.3%

3, Australia Covid-19 statistics
Total number of infections: 2,018,522 (75,668 new cases today)
Total number of deaths: 2,901 individuals (60 new deaths today)
Number of infections per 10,000 people: 784.3043
Total number of vaccinations administrated: 47,053,063 (332,808 new doses today)
Number of people received the second dose: 19,128,576 (78.1% of the population)
>95% of the population over 16 have received the first dose
92.8% of the population over 16 have received the second dose

4, Data analysis
Today, the number of infected people in Australia exceeds 2 million, and the infection ratio is close to 1 in 10. The number of infected people per 10,000 people has exceeded 780. In addition, the global death toll continues to increase, but the 14-day increase in cases has been declining for days. The chart below shows the daily number of new cases (per million population) in major countries worldwide. It can be seen that Australia’s epidemic is second only to France.

The daily new cases per million population by country (Image source: Our World in Data)
(Top to bottom: Australia, France, US, UK, Germany, Canada, India)

To illustrate the relationship between vaccinations and the number of new cases, let’s now compare the two countries with the highest and lowest new cases (average by population).

Comparison of new cases per million people for the highest and lowest 2 countries in the graph above (Image credit: Our World in Data)
Comparison of vaccination rates in Australia, France, India and South Africa (Image source: Our World in Data)
Daily vaccination ratio curves for Australia, France, India, South Africa (Image: Our World in Data)

As can be seen from the figure, nations have the highest vaccination rates experiencing the most daily case numbers, which indicates the more vaccinations, the more serious the outbreak is.

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