The Infiltration Of American Colleges And Universities By Communist Spies And Their Propaganda

Jan. 20th, 2022

Screenshot via YouTube/Greg Murphy

According to a story by the Daily Caller on January 19th, 2022, it talks about how Republican North Carolina Representative Gregory Murphy is calling on Attorney General Merrick Garland to continue a program that targets Chinese spying efforts against American colleges and universities. The program, called the China Initiative, works to identify Chinese funding sources and prevent intellectual property theft and other forms of espionage.

Since the initiative’s inception in 2018, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged dozens of individuals who have lied about funding sources, as well as stolen trade secrets and intellectual property. However, opponents of the program claim that it constitutes “racial profiling” and “disproportionately targets researchers of Chinese origin.”

“The CCP has a long history of using American universities in order to conduct espionage campaigns,” Murphy recently wrote in a letter to Garland, “these efforts by the CCP must be fully investigated and any U.S. academics who engage in these efforts must be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.”

Obviously, this sort of thing, spying and espionage has been going on for many many years but coincidentally last week in the UK a similar situation came to light where a Chinese woman namely Christine Lee was found to be a Chinese spy and she was caught paying hundreds of thousands of pounds to Labour party MP’s in a cash for favour scenario.

“As China continues to use its soft power to infiltrate our institutions, the Department of Justice must use all available resources to continue its China Initiative to root out any potential Chinese espionage,” Murphy said. “The Biden Administration must recognise that the CCP is the greatest threat we face on the world stage and take swift and immediate action to safeguard our education system from China’s malign influence. Terminating the China Initiative would undoubtedly threaten our national security and will allow China to continue its practice of espionage in our colleges and universities.

The communist regime has always sent out spies and imposters to infiltrate in whichever institution they deem necessary and to gain whatever information they require but more importantly, to indoctrinate, pressure,  brainwash and instil the evil ideology of the communist way of life into our vulnerable young students. Communism doesn’t work it never has and it never will, it only benefits the people at the very top as they live like kings with all the wealth being taken from the taxpaying workers and eagerly spent by the corrupt party officials.

Just look at the way the top officials in China and North Korea live, they have all the luxuries that they could possibly want, while their so-called brothers and sisters live a life of misery and starve to death with no money for even the most basic food and clothing.

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