Canada Vancouver Sailing Farm Daily News – Jan. 19th 2022(2)

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1, After Beijing, Shenzhen, and Zhuhai announced that the confirmed cases of Omicron did not rule out the infection from imported goods, some guys in Shenzhen had their health codes turned “yellow” due to the reception of their overseas packages.

2, Recently, Yang Yuanqing resigned as chairman of Lenovo Connect Co., Ltd. According to the official website, Lenovo Connect is a smart Internet of goods service provider under Lenovo Ventures. Yang  reduced his holdings of Lenovo shares in four consecutive days in the beginning of  Jan, and sold a total of 41.7393 million shares.

3, U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee warn that Olympic athletes heading to China for the upcoming Winter Games should use burner phones and rental computers, and understand clearly that there’s “no expectation of data security or privacy while operating in China.”

4, Face masks will no longer be mandatory in public places and schools in England and COVID-19 passports will be dropped for large events as infections level off in large parts of the country, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday.

5, According to MilesGuo: The G Insurance to be launched by the New Federal State of China is a type of decentralized insurance. From the date of its birth, it will give all GTV investors and GCLUB members a great gift, that is say, to get the same value of decentralized insurance for free .

6, According to MilesGuo: Deng Xiaopingfamily’s huge amount of money in Luxembourg has not been used for decades, but Deng’s family recently bought a lot of gold and futures, which undoubtedly indicates that Xi Jinping and the CCP will be terminated soon.

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