Miles Guo’s 19th Jan 2022 Broadcast Highlights Summary

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Davos forum, also known as World Economic Forum, although having less than a thousand members, has the ability to shape the world and steer it towards the direction it desires. Davos forum can influence the world’s military, wealth, culture, and politics. Davos members include major military manufacturers, media, internet and entertainment moguls, globalists, tycoons, influential people in the medical sphere and of course, not forgetting prominent CCP figures such as Wang Qishan. We shall refer to these people collectively as the Davos club. Many of the past and present Davos forums revolves around on how Davos members can collectively lead the world and the division of post-pandemic profits. Davos club has always been interested in reducing the world’s population, enslaving humanity and creating a one-world government. No one in the Davos club has taken the real COVID vaccine. The CCP’s influence in the Davos club soared after China joined WTO and held Olympics in 2008. China existence has always been crucial to Davos club’s plan to dominate the world. 

COVID and COVID vaccines are masterminded by the CCP, but the Davos club is also responsible for implementing the scheme. As long as the Davos club exists, the world can never be safe. It is easy to trace the people behind the vaccine scheme. All you need is to find out who is behind the censorship of effective medical treatment such as Ivermectin and HCQ. CNN, Google, and Meta (formally Facebook) are some of the parties involved in this censorship. 

Davos club is truly the deep state of the world. Many of its members are involved in intermarriages. Rothschild family is one of them.

Wang Yi had in the past told the west not to provoke China into opening the pandora box (opening pandora box is akin to releasing the virus). Before COVID became a pandemic, the CCP told the world China could provide a cure via vaccine and promoted the idea of a vaccine economy.

China’s property boom resulted in having a housing market whose total value is higher than the combination of the rest of the world’s entire housing values, despite having less than 1.4 billion citizens. Xi Jinping is afraid to let China’s housing bubble burst, for it will cause chaos among ordinary China citizens, making them hard to control. However, the world has begun to decouple economically from China, and this decoupling can only quicken the pace. China’s decoupling from the world will cause the housing bubble to burst. To prevent this, Xi promised the United States that China would absorb much of the U.S. dollars printing by offering continued cheap Chinese work labour. Xi now understands that total decoupling is inevitable and threatens to default all investment money from Evergrande and other financial groups. This default will cause the world economy to crash. Xi is telling the world that if the CCP is to fall, CCP will drag the entire world down with him. 

Xi Jinping’s fall in popularity and his crazy actions resulted from a trap set up by the Shanghai faction, which includes the Jiang family, the Zeng family, Wang Qishan and Yang Jiechi. As a result, Xi lost the support of the Davos club, and he is destined to fall. Winter Olympic will be Xi’s last global performance. Miles was right when he said in the past that the west would decouple from China, and all China concept stocks will be delisted in the New York exchange.

A China free from Xi does not mean that Chinese people will regain their freedom. Instead, the Davos club may likely develop a successor with whom it can co-operate. The successor may introduce democracy to China, but the democracy will be a watered-down version, for the real power still lies in the Davos club.

By now, all people should have heard of vaccine adverse effects such as myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes and neurological issues. Sudden deaths of famous athletes were also linked to the vaccine. It is also common knowledge that vaccine isn’t effective at all. Vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer refuse to disclose the ingredients in their vaccines and refuse to shoulder any liabilities from vaccine adverse effects. There is absolutely no reason to trust vaccines anymore. It is insane if the person still chooses to take the vaccine or even vaccinate their children. By choosing not to vaccinate, you are not only protecting yourself, but you are also making a stand against those who are scheming to enslave you.

Source:Miles Guo’s 19th Jan 2022 Broadcast

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