How Could Canada Sell Its Incredibly Important Lithium Mine To A Communist Chinese Company?

Jan. 19th, 2022


According to a story by Mining.Com on January 18th, 2022, it talks about how the leader of Canada’s conservative party, Erin O’Toole, asked the government to conduct a national security review of the proposed takeover of Canada’s Neo Lithium by China’s Zijin Mining. O’Toole said that his party “will be calling an emergency meeting” of the industries committee to ensure that the Liberal party explains why they didn’t do the review “in the first place.”  With lithium in short supply and the price increasing almost weekly why would any government decide to sell such a valuable asset? is this simply shortsightedness or is there something more sinister going on?

“Canada’s conservatives are calling on the liberal government to immediately conduct a national security review of the takeover of the mining company Neo Lithium by a Chinese state-owned and controlled company,” O’Toole said during a press conference on January 17th. China’s Zijin Mining announced its plans to acquire Neo Lithium for C$6.50 per share in cash in October, and Neo Lithium’s shareholders approved the transaction in December. 

So because of shortsighted and greedy shareholders, Canada’s incredibly communist China-friendly government is about to sell a massively important asset to a brutal dictatorship that cares only about power, control, and money. This says a lot about Trudeau and his relationship with his Chinese overlords.

Conservative leader O’Toole said that the review was critical for Canada to safeguard its supply and access to critical minerals like lithium “to protect our economy and our competitive advantage” and to ensure that Canadian mining companies stay ahead of competitors under “autocratic, non-democratic rule like the Chinese Communist Party.”  Lithium is used to make batteries that power electric vehicles, the demand for which has increased globally as the world looks to meet its decarbonisation goals. 

“We are poised to play a key role in the growth of electric vehicles,” O’Toole said. “Combine this with Canada’s global leading natural resources economy, and our leading role as a global centre of excellence of mining finance, Canada should become a leader in the value chain for battery production.” The only Key role that Canada will be playing will be the rise of the communist regime as the liberal ultra-left government of Trudeau is far too friendly to the brutal Chinese dictatorship. Just take a look at the incredibly draconian vaccine mandate regulations thrust upon the Canadian people they are a perfect example of divide and conquer, Mao would be proud of his young student Justin ‘Commie’ Trudeau.

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