“The Nastiest Surveillance State in History” Pompeo warns Olympic Athletes

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13 Jan 2022, Breitbart – Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns Olympic athletes to leave their computers and cellphones at home because Chinese authorities will spy on them and hack into their devices while they compete at the Winter Games in Beijing.

In his Twitter account, Pompeo delivered a warning message about “the nastiest surveillance state in history” that the Chinese government has created.

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“Olympic athletes must understand the risk in Beijing. The CCP has built the nastiest surveillance state in history & will monitor everything athletes say & do. Our athletes should leave their phones & laptops at home – like I & my team did – & like the Dutch have been told to do,” Pompeo tweeted on Wednesday.

Some athletes who have records as activists for various causes should be on high alert as they prepare to compete in the oppressive mass surveillance state.

For instance, U.S. snowboard champion Shaun White should be on alert that he will be targeted immediately upon entering China. White recently posted a photo of himself holding a Tibetan independence flag. The photo was released as part of a campaign to highlight China’s oppression of Tibet.

‘Students for a Free Tibet’ gave copies of a letter asking for a meeting on China’s human rights abuses to White and other aspiring Olympians at the final trials, including freestyle skier Hanna Faulhaber and freestyle skiing medalists David Wise and Brita Sigourney.

U.S. figure skater Timothy LeDuc, who will compete in Beijing as the first non-binary Winter Olympics athlete, could easily be targeted after accusing China of “horrifying human rights abuses.”

These criticisms are determined as “crimes” under Chinese law, Pompeo believes the communist country could target U.S. athletes.


Former U.S. Secretary of State, Mr. Mike Pompeo, was able to define what happened in western Xinjiang by the CCP as a crime of genocide. This is not based on his political identity, the announcement can only be based on a large number of ironclad irrefutable evidence of CCP’s persecutions in Xinjiang that the US government has already collected.

The threat of the CCP lies in trampling on the bottom line of human civilization by any means. It is precisely because Mr. Pompeo understands the CCP’s criminal behaviors and evil nature, that he can once again warn the American athletes who are going to participate in the Winter Olympics in Beijing: Be careful of the ubiquitous surveillance in Communist China. Some time ago, the Dutch also warned their athletes that they need to pay attention to mass surveillance in China.

At present, some democratic countries have expressed that they will not send government officials to the Winter Olympics in China, which shows that all countries in the world have already paid attention to the various evil deeds of the CCP, and they have taken actions to contain the CCP in all walks of life and various ways. The CCP regime is getting closer to the brittle failure.


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