It was a lie from the very beginninng

It was a lie from the very beginning. We had treatment from Day one.

Thank you, Simone. I’m Dr. Richard Urso and a board certified ophthalmologist and apart of America’s frontline doctors and I got involved because early on this pandemic . I realized that we had treatment for this virus. Now my background in drug development and I’ve repurposed drugs for use on the IA different drugs and I actually developed a drug that’s been patented and made it through the FDA.

So I looked carefully at this and I could not believe that we were going to let patients go without treatment, die, get on ECMO and ventilators. It made no sense right from the very beginning. Anybody who said that this made sense at the very beginning to lock down. It never made sense. It was clear that we had treatment.

And let me explain that what is this? This is a virus, right? So we get infection, inflammation, blood clots and breathing problems. Does any doctor know how to treat inflammation? Every doctor does. Does every doctor treat infection all the time? Does every doctor treat vascular disease and thrombotic episodes . Absolutely. Can we fix breathing problems?. Of course we can, okay? So that’s why this whole thing was a lie right from the very beginning.

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