GT Online: Breakup in Friendship between Tajikistan and Communist China

Written by: Potato

Translated by: billwilliam

Picture source: NetEase

As reported by Sina on January 18, 2022, China—which claims to be a responsible large country—has always adhered to the strategy of mutual assistance and development together in its foreign policy. Yet the propaganda news condemns some “unreasonable” politicians who are targeting and are against Communist China.

Recently, a Tajik politician openly declared: Pay off debt to Communist China as soon as possible and get out of its “trap” as soon as possible!

The news article explained: Being a poor country, Tajikistan is lucky to have the help of a good neighbor China, which contributes money and efforts to greatly improve the infrastructure construction and economy in Tajikistan. The Tajik politician must have been incited by Western countries to make the comment. The West aims to disrupt Communist China’s relationship with neighboring countries for the purpose of containing Communist China.

According to Mr. Miles Guo’s whistleblowing, Afghanistan and Tajikistan are two of the most important countries on the Pamir Plateau. Zhu Rongji’s (former Premier) and Jiang Zemin’s families have participated in a territory deal with Tajikistan, in which the two families sold China’s territory in exchange for mining rights in those areas and made huge profits. They are still collecting money today. The Kunlun Mountains, Pamir Plateau, and the entire Tibet are areas where thugs headed by the Chinese Communist Party plunder wealth, purge the regions and distribute booties.

The CCP uses money stolen from the Chinese people to establish fragile diplomatic ties all over the world. The cheap friendship is built on money. Who is willing to be an ally of the CCP when the regime is out of money and out of hope? The hottest trend on earth is to overthrow the CCP!


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