GT Online: As Communist China’s Grain Import Smashes New Record Highs, Whom is the Food Stockpiled for?

Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

The Chinese Communist Party’s media published an article titled “As China’s grain import reaches new record highs, food self-sufficiency rate continues to decline.” The CCP Central leadership’s Economic Conference in 2021 noted, “We should use two ‘markets’ but must have a safety line that triggers a red alarm if crossed. We must clarify the strategic bottom line of domestic self-sufficiency of critical energy and resources.” As the article pointed out clearly, although the structure of China’s grain import has changed in 2021, the new record highs in grain import volume cannot be ignored.    

In the past two years, grain import continues to smash records in Communist China, while granaries in the country often catch fire. The mentioning of Communist China’s food crisis appears more frequently in the media. Since the CCP virus (Covid) ravaged the world, the scenes of panic-buying grains in China often stun the world. The CCP keeps spreading the propaganda that Communist China’s food import is hitting new record highs, which proves the country has ample food reserves, and the people don’t need to panic. But amid Communist China’s disease-prevention lockdowns, the survival crisis of the Chinese people is tangibly and solidly inseparable from food. Who are these grains stockpiled for?      

Of course, the food is not in stock for the common people. Xi Jinping’s ambition to retake Taiwan and to dominate the world is obvious. According to an ancient Chinese military proverb, food and supplies are first mobilized before troops and horses make a movement. We can see that these grains are for the military to fight battles and have nothing to do with the common people. If problems arise over the survival of the common people, they can only ask granaries that have not caught fire.      

The CCP’s media have repeatedly reported China’s grain output hitting new record highs for years, but anyone thinking over the issue will realize the new record highs are just the regime’s propaganda to fool the common people. First, let’s look at grain production this year. Northeastern China is one of the main production areas of grain, especially Heilongjiang Province. However, there is no exact death toll from the virus outbreak in Heilongjiang Province. According to Mr. Miles Guo’s revelation in his live broadcast, the epidemic in Heilongjiang is as severe as in Wuhan. Millions perished during Wuhan’s lockdown in 2019; in many villages in Heilongjiang, almost entire villages died out, becoming “mute villages.” So, there is a reduction in farm labor. Second, the CCP induced artificial snowfall for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which led to snow disasters in areas like Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province, and Liaoning Province. The winter wheat in Heilongjiang was covered by rare heavy snow, leading to wheat crop failure in widespread areas. Look at another critical grain production site in Communist China: Henan Province. Because the CCP opened floodgates to release water in the province, tens of thousands of acres of fertile farmland were flooded, and many villages in Henan Province were turned into “mute villages” (in which almost all villagers died in the flooding) overnight. The result is total crop failure.       

Man-made disasters by the CCP destroy the peasants’ hard work and sadly kill the peasants as well. The regime’s propaganda of grain import reaching new record highs only aims to pacify the common people. Given the empty granaries along with bad harvests in China, the food shortage cannot be fulfilled by imported grains. I hope the Chinese people should see through the CCP’s evil nature and stock up two years of food to prepare for the upcoming disaster!  


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