Fox News Promoting GETTR

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Angelina

Fox News, the most influential news media outlet, is actively promoting GETTR. CEO Jason Miller said that people are rejecting the big tech firms and talking about the meaning of Tucker Carlson and other influential people joining GETTR.  In the interview, Miller said that people need a platform without censorship, and GETTR welcomes them to join.

Miller said that although large social media platforms agree with free speech on the surface, in fact, they only accept speech falling under their rules, and are slowly taking away people’s rights. In the meantime, he said that no matter when, if people are induced to respond in the same way, then you should question their statements. A conscious democratic society is what the people should have, and free speech is a big difference between Communist China and America.

Anchor Maria Bartiromo praised GETTR as the fastest-growing social media platform in history. She said that she posts on GETTR every day and called for people to join GETTR and follow her. She empathized that GETTR is surpassing left-wing media, and is opening doors to wider opportunities.

Sources: Fox News Promoting GETTR

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