Renowned Host of Fox News Tucker Carlson Joins GETTR

Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team – Accelerator

On January 10, GETTR Officially announced that Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News, joined GETTR by opening an account. GETTR’s CEO Jason Miller posted a warm welcoming message, Mr. Miles Guo also expressed the same.

Tucker Carlson was not only a host of the renowned political commentary program “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, but also a conservative political journalist, columnist and commentator with a real, rigorous, bold, incisive and hard-hitting hosting style. He conducted in-depth and follow-up reports on a series of top topics from an angel that others would not dare to touch on such as the CCP virus origins, the 2020 presidential elections, media censorship, free speech, and vaccine mandates. Although Tucker may have been labeled as a radical nationalist and attacked by the leftists, his program maintains the highest viewership among American news programs.

Prior to Tucker’s new account activation, GETTR just saw a surge in user registration prompted by podcast superstar Joe Rogan’s coming online on GETTR, Tucker’s joining will undoubtedly attract more social media attention. GETTR, a free speech platform worldwide, surely will become the most influential new force in social media, not to mention the upcoming new features such as the much-anticipated rollout of GETTR-Pay, tipping function, and much more.

References: Tucker of Fox News joins GETTR

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