The Ulterior Motives Behind Wang Yi’s 2022 Five-Country Visit

Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team – Accelerator

At the year 2022 kicked off, so did the oversees trip for Wang Yi, the foreign minister of the Communist China. On the list was 5 countries ranging from 3 African states, Eritrea, Kenya and Comoro, as well as Maldives and Sri Lanka. Regarding the tough questions raised about the CCP’s making debt traps in Africa in the name of One Belt One Road initiative, Wang vehemently denied, and in turn deflected by criticizing the West.

Analysts pointed out that despite the real intention of Wang Yi’s visit temporarily unknown, it was reminiscent of his warning on June 18, 2019 that that U.S. had better not keep pressuring the CCP, otherwise the regime would open the Pandora’s box, after which the CCP virus pandemic broke out throughout the world. Likewise, after his meeting with Taliban’s leadership on July 27, 2021, Taliban underwent a rapid military expansion, overthrew the Afghanistan government and expelled the U.S. forces, thereby creating the current humanitarian catastrophe in the region.

Recently, Mr. Miles Guo exposed that the ongoing civil unrest which broke out in Kazakhstan after Wang Yi’s visit, had everything to do with the CCP’s plan. Wang Yi’s visit to Africa inevitably was more than just a friendly gesture, it also had an ulterior motive at this critical juncture of games between the CCP and the West.

References: NewsTalk of Jan 11, 2022

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