Global Covid-19 Update (A Sudden Death of a 26-year-old Youth)

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Athena Covid-19 Update (18/1/2022)

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1, Global Covid-19 Overview
Total number of infections: 330,336,111 (2,806,574 new cases, 77% up in 14 days)
Total number of deaths: 5,543,673 (7,078 new death, 16% up in 14 days)
Number of infections per 10,000 people: 507.0139 (exclude China)

2, Global Covid “vaccination” Overview
Total number of injections: 9.37 billion
Number of fully “vaccinated”: 3.92 billion
Percentage of fully “vaccinated”: 50.3%

3, Australia Covid-19 statistics
Total number of infections: 1,876,035 (72,860 new cases today)
Total number of deaths: 2,776 individuals (77 new deaths today)
Number of infections per 10,000 people: 669.3429
Total number of vaccinations administrated: 46,398,296 (329,004 new doses today)
Number of people received the second dose: 19,101,035 (78% of the population)
>95% of the population over 16 have received the first dose
92.6% of the population over 16 have received the second dose

Today I read about a case of a 26-year-old American youth who died suddenly 72 hours after receiving a Pfizer booster shot. This case is very typical and alarming, so I would like to share it.

Joseph Keating from South Dakota received his first dose of Pfizer on March 26, 2021 and his second dose on April 16. After the first two doses without any adverse reactions, he received a third booster dose on November 8, 2021. he wasn’t having any symptoms the following 3 days. But 72 hours after the booster shot, he called his mother that he had a sore throat. His mother, Cayleen, made her son some hot apple cider and he took throat lozenges and went to work, but within two hours he called her to pick him up because he was too tired. When asked what his symptoms were, Joseph told his mother he had some muscle aches, fatigue and a sore throat.

“When we googled, ‘what are your reactions to having the Pfizer vaccine,’ a lot of the results say people deal with fatigue, muscle soreness and everything, so we both just brushed it off as reactions to the vaccine and it was no big deal,” Cayleen said.

Joseph slept all day. The next morning, he told his mother that he had to take off work again because he was too tired to go to work. Cayleen went to see Joseph and said he seemed normal, except for the fatigue and muscle soreness. Joseph’s father, William, visited his son around 5 p.m. and they had dinner together. William left at 6 p.m. Two hours later, their son died.

The family knew the time of Joseph’s death because of the Apple Watch data retrieved from his phone. Joseph enabled an app that measured his heart rate at the time of his death. Cayleen said: “He went to sit down in his recliner and when we [the family] came the next day we were able to pull up the data from his App Watch showing the exact time of his death and exactly what his heart rate was doing the past two hours.

“It showed he was beating at 100s all during the day and after 6 p.m., when he sat in the recliner, his heart rate dropped into the 60s, which was low for Joseph, who always had a resting heart rate in the 80s and 90s — and then it just stopped.”

After Joseph died, an autopsy had to be performed to confirm the cause of death. “When they first did the preliminaries they couldn’t find anything — his heart looked normal,” Cayleen said. But “the pathologist said he was going to do 22 different slides to see what he could find.”

Cayleen said: “When the pathologist looked at the 22 segments of Joseph’s heart, it showed the vaccine inflamed and attacked his entire heart. There was so much damage … to the heart. It was full multi-focal myocarditis, and it wasn’t just affecting one part of his heart, it was attacking his whole septum and ventricles.”

The most characteristic feature of this case was the absence of chest pain and panic symptoms, which are common in myocarditis. The patient’s previous cardiac examination was also completely normal. This is actually what many doctors and scientists have repeatedly warned before, that the clinical findings of post-vaccination myocarditis are just the tip of the iceberg, and that many more cases, like Joseph, would never have been diagnosed without an autopsy.

In addition, Joseph had no adverse reactions to his two previous vaccinations, yet he died of multifocal myocarditis three days after the third injection. This is a wake-up call to people that just because the first shot and the second shot are fine, it in no way equates to the third shot and the fourth shot being safe.

Third, although the evidence of Joseph’s death was overwhelming, with autopsy physicians and pathologists agreeing that the myocarditis was related to the Pfizer vaccine, it was certainly not claimable against Pfizer, and even the CDC was indifferent, with no one even asking his family for the appropriate evidence of adverse reactions to the vaccine.


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