1/17/2022 Summary Of Mr. Miles Guo Live Broadcasting

Link: https://gtv.org/video/id=61e56ad5a0fd8e5c735add1b or https://gettr.com/streaming/pos74kdcd0

1. The CCP threatens the whole world in 3 main ways. (1) Control of media (2) Control of wealth (3) Control of law.

2. The number of suicides since Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement in Hongkong has exceeded 20000.

3. The CCP bought the US justice and control courts. PAG’s lawyers have repeatedly falsified and violated procedures. The New York court should not have accepted the case, robbing the property on the 18th floor that does not belong to Mr. Miles Guo in New York according to law.

4. Before the judge made a judgment, Xiong Xianmin can accurately predict the judgment result of the lawsuit. Is this a coincidence? The essence of this case is a lawsuit against the CCP and the dark judicial community in the US bought by the CCP. It is not simple that the CCP has penetrated the U.S. judiciary.

5. There will be a major hearing on the ownership of the ship on February 2, which Mr. Miles Guo predicts to lose.

6. The PAG lawsuit will be made into blockbusters and TV shows by Hollywood.

7. The CCP spent $20 billion on a legal unrestricted warfare, the core purpose of which is to convict Mr. Miles Guo of contempt of court, which is to create an excuse to arrest and lock up Mr. Miles Guo.

8. The FBI actually came and said that the epidemic prevention supplies that Mr. Miles Guo used for donations were premeditated illegal hoarding of materials.

9. The court sentenced Mr. Miles Guo to contempt of court and paid $500000 a day, up to $153 million today, which is the most expensive compensation in American history.

10. The BVI is another battlefield, which is completely infiltrated by the CCP.

11. British intelligence asked Mr. Miles Guo to what extent Britain had been infiltrated by the CCP. Mr. Miles Guo gave the example of a CCP spy, Christine Ching Kui Lee, who bribed the British ambassador to China by BGY (media, money, sex) and recorded the whole process. Christine Ching Kui Lee’s sister is the deputy director of the fifth Bureau of the Ministry of State Security of the CCP. There are probably more than 70 spies like Christine Ching Kui Lee in the UK.

12. Shan Weijian, CEO of PAG is a super financial spy.

13. The FBI’s Richard Frankel will be 100 percent sent to jail.

14. There will also be several cases similar to Christine Ching Kui Lee’s in Japan.

15. The PAG’s case is a lawsuit by the CCP against Mr. Miles Guo. The purpose is to eradicate the New Federal State of China and G-Series, but we will win in the end, just at what price.

Chinese Version: Wenjun

Translator: π&π

Proofreading: Tracy

Posted by: Maarago

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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