Ray Dalio Praises CCP’s Common Prosperity

Author: MOS Fitness team – Ashley

Bridgewater Associate founder Ray Dalio urges countries, including the United States, to narrow their wealth gap while applauding CCP’s drive for Common Prosperity.

Miles Guo commented on this event during his live broadcast on Jan.12, 2022. He said, “Why is Ray Dalio suddenly jumping out of nowhere to talk about Common Prosperity at the same time that the CCP is promoting it by arresting and robbing entrepreneurs, such as Jack Ma? The CCP wants to skim the wealth from private businesses and transfer it to itself.  ‘Common’ refers to the CCP, not you common folks. This is what communism is all about, whoever kills Jack Ma becomes Jack Ma, and this is what the CCP means by common ideals, common wealth, and common prosperity.”

From Miles’ previous disclosures, we have learned that the CCP’s 100 “red gene” families control 99% of China’s wealth and resources. Since the beginning of the brutal political struggle within the CCP, China has become Xi Jinping’s family state, where he’s the sole emperor and every decision revolves around Xi’s family, himself, his daughter, his wife, and his brother. How can such a dictator possibly make Chinese people 

prosperous together?

 Ray Dalio is known to be good friends with Wang Qishan (current Vice Chairman of China). He also has close ties to Alvin Jiang (grandson of the former president of China, Jiang Zemin) who allegedly managed the funding for the HBO-VICE documentary on the Capitol Hill protestors on Jan. 6, 2021. 

In the U.S., Ray Dalio is a successful investor, billionaire, and hedge fund manager. He has also published a book, “Principles,” about the New World Orders he advocates. TechCrunch has an article called him the rich uncle people wish they had. Now he wants to extend the CCP’s Common Prosperity to the United States.

However, the Common Prosperity in China might not be what Mr. Dalio has in mind. There are millions of young Chinese men and women on motor scooters delivering restaurant orders 12 to 16 hours a day, making $20 a day. There are hundreds of millions of people in China living like Yang Gailan, the poor woman who lost all hope because of extreme poverty and had to kill her children and then commit suicide.

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