Zero Tolerance Is Defined by Communist Party

The CCP was using its dictator system. They can give up any moment, don’t have to go through any procedures. Their No1 and No2 boss decide how big the zero is.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights 2022.1.14 Zero Tolerance Is Defined by Communist Party


It tells us a topic here. A lot of way of thinking among us. Believe that judges appointed by Biden will rule in favor of Biden. Appointed by Obama will in favor of Obama. Trump’s appointee will in favor of Trump. That is not the case, this is the first. Second, you might believe judges will only do what the judges suppose to. That is not the case. Also, I want to let you know. This issue of vaccine. Where is the core issue? In the core of the western world. The most dangerous part is the legal system is being taken advantage of .

The CCP was using its dictator system. They can give up any moment, don’t have to go through any procedures. If the Westerners want to figure out, they have to go through procedures. Between these two. Just like what you guys noticed about “zero tolerance”. Remember this! Zero. Take a look at how the zero is defined. Your thumb and forefinger. Put together to form a zero. Their No1 and No2 boss decide how big the zero is.

Right! If I release it, it will no longer be zero. What is this? Chicken fingers. We get another three and four around. You can put these two hands together. That will also make a zero. Two bosses and two secondary commands, put together is ten. These are the bastards of CCP. This is decided by the central committee of CCP. How big the zero should be. Who decide it? Does this rule apply to CCP? Does the zero tolerance rule apply to CCP’s central committee?

Before Sun Lijun got arrested, before Hang Zhou’s leader was arrested, all of these guys can decide how big the zero is. Who was zero tolerance? This is a fundamental issue, while 99% of Chinese watch the TV. Wow, zero tolerance. The party is so great. They never thought about. Who controls CCTV? Who decide the rules for Zero tolerance?

Who can force Sun Lijun? Sun is a guy, an enemy to us. Can you allow Sun to be here in the US? And get the bottom out of his heart. Sun to stand out to talk freely. Every word and clothes were carefully tailored by the party. Who decide zero decides his fate? Back to the time in China, they reported about. They reported about Pan GU-CCTV. They sent you a list two weeks ahead of time to has to be exactly right.

Then, they interview someone on the street. The guy from the street can also do it in exact. I was amazed. CCP’s propaganda. CCP’s propaganda is so powerful. I don’t believe any human beings. From history to this point, including Hitler Is comparable to CCP in terms of propaganda. What is zero tolerance, you will not know. Who knows the person that put a No1 in front of the zero? The numbers in front of zero is decided by the top guys. Do you know, who told me about this? Who told me? Jiang Zemin.

After Jiang scolded the journalists of Hong Kong, Jiang gave a speech. He talked for 3.5 hours in Huang He hotel of Zhen Zhou. We were all there. He said, remember this. You need to know the power of the party. When we talk about zero tolerance. This is decided by our own hands. Wow, I said, Jiang is smart. Wow, I said, that was awesome. Awesome. Zero is decided by our hands. Not that of the Hong Kong Journalists or Americans. Wow, that was good!

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