Broadcast|Leaked Document Shows Top CCP Officials Tightened Control over Epidemic for Winter Olympics

By: MOS Education Team — cancan

On January 12, an official document on the Communist Party of China (CPC) Shaanxi provincial government’s epidemic prevention and control was disclosed on the GETTR platform by a person familiar with the matter.

According to the document, Zhao Yide, the governor of Shaanxi province, said at a meeting on December 24, 2021 to discuss the prevention and control of the epidemic in Shaanxi province, that with the Winter Olympics just around the corner, Shaanxi province must be strict, rigorous, and serious in pursuing responsibility and accountability for the epidemic prevention to maintain its so-called “national image,” as well as taking the strongest possible measures to break the chain of transmission. As for how to take care of the needs of the local community, Zhao Yide simply dismissed it with a blanket statement about “stabilizing the overall situation.”

According to sources, the distribution of goods in Xi’an is now severely polarized. Most ordinary people are facing a lack of supplies, forced eviction from their homes, and starvation. However, powerful families are enjoying rich special food deliveries from officials themselves.

In this regard, analysts have pointed out that the CCP’s epidemic prevention policy is only aimed at achieving their political goals. In this case, apart from the need to take care of the CCP’s bigwigs, the general public within the mainland are just the tools that can be sacrificed and abandoned at any time.

Article: Leaked Document Shows Top CCP Officials Tightened Control over Epidemic for Winter Olympics

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