GT Online: The CCP Finds Positive for Omicron Strain-Specific Mutant Loci from Paper

Image Source:Reuters

According to on January 17, the Press Conference on the Prevention and Control Center of COVID-19 in Beijing informed that after epidemiological investigation, sampling and testing, positive cargo ranking and gene sequencing of new cases in Beijing, the traceability results are similar to North American and Singaporean strains.

The case had no history of travel outside of Beijing within 14 days prior to the onset of the disease and had only received international mail from Canada during work. After testing, the outer packaging, inner surface and the document of inside mail were all positive for nucleic acid and detected mutation loci specific to the Omicron strain. The State Post Office of the Communist China also issued a notice to effectively strengthen the prevention and control barrier of international mail and express , and strictly prevent the importation of foreign epidemic through the delivery channel.

The appearance of these two pieces of news is ridiculous and absurd.  The CCP’s level of fraud in front of the world is truly at its peak! Not to mention that the international mail can be found to be positive for the paper test after passing through the receiving, air flight, and through customs to the recipient! I don’t know how tenacious the Omicron strain is. Its essence is to let a new round of outbreaks of the disease be blamed on the West, so as to prepare enough public opinion for the isolation of the country.

Source: 北京15日新增病例溯源结果公布 与北美和新加坡毒株相似度较高|新冠肺炎|北京|新加坡_新浪新闻 (

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