Omicron Spreads at Top Rate, Becomes Major New York Virus in Five Weeks

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According to a report in the Epoch Times on January 16, Omicron, a new variant of COVID-19, is spreading at the highest rate of any variant of the virus found in New York City, and hospital staff are feeling the pressure because of isolation measures and infected conditions.

Based on laboratory and provider reports, data from the emergency departments of 53 New York City hospitals, and a combination of pulverization results from the New York State Health Electronic Response Data System (HERDS) periodic review surveillance, a report was issued by the New York Department of Health on Jan. 13.

This report summarizes Omicron’s preliminary findings on the severity and relevance of the spike in infections in New York City in three areas: monitoring outbreak trends, assessing outbreak severity, and hospital capacity.

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The report notes that Omicron spread extremely quickly in New York City, becoming the dominant variant virus in the city within five weeks of its first detection. By comparison, it took 20 weeks for the variant virus Delta to become the major variant virus at that time.

According to the report, between January 3 and 9, 2022, on average, about one in nine infected patients were admitted to intensive care units, with about 45 percent of them requiring respirators, but at the peak of last winter’s outbreak, from February 6 to 13, nearly one in five infected inpatients were admitted to intensive care units, with up to 70 percent of them requiring respirators.

Although the total number of patient hospitalizations is stable, staffing shortages are prevalent in New York City’s healthcare sector amidst the rampage of Omicron, a new variant of the virus that has had a dramatic impact on hospital operations.

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