CCP Infighting Escalates: Xi’s Crony Yixin Chen Speaks Out To Protect the 20th National Congress

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On January 16, 2022, by the end of the two-day working meeting of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, secretary-general Yixin Chen, a trusted aide of Xi—head and sun of Communist China, had unleashed bullets to guard all the way till the success of the 20th National Congress of the CCP in the coming March. In fact, it forever demonstrated the dangers and uncertainty that Xi and his empire faced.

As Yixin Chen claimed, the central target and main issue of the political and legal system during 2022 would be guarding the safety of the 20th National Congress of the CCP, AKA, the continuity of the Xi regime. He emphasized, “Maintaining stability and safety (of the Chairman) is everything. To pursue the goal, approaches of all levels should be utilized.” For many Laobaixin (old hundred names, or little guys) in China, maintaining stability could be a really disgusting term, and no one would like to be kept stable either. 

Yixin Chen, born in 1959 and regarded as one of the “Zhejiang Gang”, was assigned an important role when Xi first took over the country. In March of 2018, he was appointed as secretary-general of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, as a “spy” in the political and legal affairs system.

According to the reporter, the key political ambition of the 20th National Congress of the CCP was to move the Xi Regime forward. The more Chen emphasized safety and force of guard, the more uncertainty and risks were faced by the Xi Regime. Obviously, Zemin Jiang and Qinghong Zeng would be the major obstacles in Xi’s way, instead of international society or Chinese civilians.

Internal friction became ever more fierce before the 20th National Congress of the CCP.
In the photo, a young soldier was on duty as usual in TianAnMen Square. The sky was colored with red haze, which foreshadowed the blood-shedding events to come sooner or later. (Photo from the Epoch Times)

The Xi Regime lit up another round of anti-corruption hurricanes in the political and legal system in 2020, when high-ranking officials like Lijun Sun were put on trial. The official definition of Lijun Sun said, “extreme explosion of political ambition,” “controlling key departments with gangsters.” “To clean and clear the flowing poison of the Sun” was emphasized, similar terms being used in the Yongkang Zhou case at the beginning of the Xi Regime.

Sun starred in the first episode of the anti-corruption series, which aired on CCTV (China’s official television network) on January 15th. As disclosed, the Gangster of Sun, as disclosed, contained Huilin Deng (former head of the Chongqing Public Security Bureau, or the police office), Like Wang (former head of Jiangsu Public Security Bureau), Xinyun Liu (former head of Shanxi Public Security Bureau), etc.

A dozen days earlier, on the first day of 2022, “Qiu Shi—Theory”, the mouthpiece of the CCP, had released a speech by Xi, addressing the need for the party to impose harsh investigation on gangsters inside the Party. The official website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection echoed with a piece of propaganda pointing to cleaning up the “Big Tigers” like Lijun Sun and Dao’an Gong at the speed of lightning on January 12th, 2022.

Miles Guo, founder of the New Federal State of China, said arresting Sun meant ever more brutal inner friction inside the CCP gangster. Sun represented the running dogs of Zemin Jiang and Qishan Wang, whose fall brought the internal strife of the CCP to the horizon and indicated the final battle for the crown had begun.

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