Chinese Organised Crime Figures Are Completely Fueling The Fentanyl Crisis In Canada And America

Jan. 17th, 2022


According to a story by The Epoch Times on January 16th, 2022, it talks about how Beijing is fueling the fentanyl crisis in Canada and the United States through a sophisticated web involving drug cartels, loan sharks, and foreign casinos, investigative journalist and author Sam Cooper says. How Chinese money was funnelled through such a web was described by Cooper as the “Vancouver model” in his book “Willful Blindness: How a Network of Narcos, Tycoons and CCP Agents Infiltrated the West,” based on his investigations into crime networks in cities including Toronto and Vancouver.

Cooper said that Chinese organised crime figures “have become the major movers of financial crime money around the world,” as the model can be found in major U.S. cities. “We can say that in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, and others, I can see the very same underground banking, Vancouver-model activity,” Cooper said, where drug money was moved around on secret ledgers without the need for wire transfers across borders.

Cooper explained how the Vancouver model works: Gang members from Vancouver travel to casinos in Macau, targeting wealthy Chinese gamblers, including Chinese officials who wish to get their money out of China. The two sides strike a deal and Chinese gamblers travel to Vancouver, using cash supplied by local loan sharks who get the money from drug dealers. Chinese gamblers use the money to buy casino chips, play them, cash them, and walk out with cleaned or laundered money. Then, they transfer money from their bank accounts in China to the gangsters’ accounts in China to pay back the debt.

“The proceeds, of course, fund more fentanyl precursor production in China which sends more drugs into the United States or Canada, and produces more drug cash, and the cycle repeats,” Cooper said, adding that the gangsters would loan out the cash again to fund the gambling of more wealthy Chinese in Canada. But the problem is now so big that many government officials and border patrol officers have been paid off to turn a blind eye to what is going on. Earlier this month, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported that it seized 87,652 pounds of narcotics in south Texas ports between Oct. 1st, 2020, and Sept. 30th, 2021. Among the seized drugs, 588 pounds were fentanyl, up 1,066 percent from the year prior.

With drug overdoses in America at over 100,000 a year, the problem will only get worse with money laundering and drug production working hand in hand and no government organisation seemingly strong enough to break this evil chain many more will die as the drug cartels and money launderers get richer.

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