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China’s recent crackdown on famous influencers shows Xi wants a tighter grip on the country/s economy. Goods promoted by Chinese influencers amounts to a few trillion RMB. The items sold by influencers are usually imported and Xi does not want his people to ‘ have too much reliance on foreign goods. Xi is also afraid that influencers may have too much power over the citizens’thinking. Xi wishes to have complete control over China, like how the Kim family is ruling over North Korea.

Enterprises that are insolvent such as Evergrande are ordered to delay their inevitable collapse until the Winter Olympic is over. Until then China holds the global economy hostage. China is also stockpiling huge amount of food, an indication that CCP is preparing for Taiwan invasion.

America has printed 260 trillion dollars since Covid. There is no way for the world to digest so much money and the dollar collapse is just a matter of time.

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