Isobel and HBO’s Vice(2)

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Vice documentary also attacked Miles for NSFC’s protests against Teng Biao, a self-proclaimed human rights activist and lawyer from China. Vice called these protests immoral harassment when fact, it was Teng Biao who first maligned Miles committing incest with his niece. The protests against Teng Biao were very peaceful and not a hair of his was harmed. Also, it is laughable to even suggest a human rights lawyer can exist in China, where human rights don’t exist. There is no way to even receive education on human rights in China.

Therefore, in self-defence, NSFC must bring Vice and Isobel Yueng to court, suing them for false reporting and defamation.

Vice’s owners include Soros Fund, Blackstone, Walt Disney and TPG. These owners, being part of the deep state, absolutely can influence America’s politics and to decide who is the next America President. HBO also has a close relationship with CCP, for it hopes to obtain the digital broadcast licensing rights in China. HBO wishes to be the content provider to China as what Nexflix is to America.

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