Isobel and HBO’s Vice

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The power of the establishment media cannot be understated. The media can destroy anyone’s life with their false and bias reporting. The interview questions can be full of traps, and answers can be taken out of context. One mistake by the interviewee can have grave consequences. Interviewees often lose their emotions under intense interrogation, which further exacerbate their downfall. Ordinary citizens are of no match to media’s smear campaign. Late princess Diana, once said she wasn’t afraid of the queen or any royal members, she was only afraid of mass media.

The Vice’s documentary on Miles and NSFC is one such smear campaign. Using highly selected parts of the interview out of context, filming tactics, and other low tricks, Vice’s documentary portrayed Miles, NSFC and GTV/GNews as a cult that scams money and uses violence to affect and change America’s democracy and politics. From the history of Miles and GTV’s broadcasts, we know that this is not true. Miles and NSFC have never incite violence and have always declare having no interest in America’s politics. All NSFC is interested in is to expose the collusion between CCP and American politicians/business owners.

The goal of the Vice documentary is to utterly destroy Miles by labelling NSFC as an unlawful money scamming political cult. The severity of this label cannot be underestimated. If the label gets legitimised, not only will all NSFC members be branded as criminals, but it will also stoke a wave of antiChinese sentiment. All minority prejudices and discriminations have always started with mass media demonising the minority.

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