The CCP Is Indeed A Real Cult

Translated by: MOS Education Team – freedom166k

During the Grand Livestream on Jan. 12th, Miles Guo listed six major characteristics of a cult:

  • Loyalty to the leader is demanded (Authoritarian)
  • Spiritual and mental totalitarianism
  • Made-up heretical ideas
  • Forced Money and assets hoarding
  • Secretly formed party
  • Isolationism against society

None of the above characteristic exists in The Whistleblower Movement. However, the Chinese Communist Party is a complete match with the above six characteristics of a cult.

Here are the proofs:

  1. Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping are the authoritarian leaders of the CCP.
  2. The CCP is demanding everyone to be uniformed and brainwashed with the ideas like “Communist Party is more dear than your own parents” to control people’s thoughts.
  3. The CCP has been making up and twisting the history of China, i.e. the Second Sino-Japanese War had saved the 56-ethnic groups in China or the Tiananmen square massacre does not exist, it was a solely riot; making everyone believe that those are the truth.
  4. The CCP individuals possess the public lands, resources, and other assets dishonestly.
  5. The CCP was considered an illegally formed underground party at its beginning of establishment and should have been eliminated. The current “people’s representatives” are the fake group created by the CCP illegitimately. 
  6. The CCP is also implementing the network control on the Laobaixing, conducting genocide in Xinjiang, and etc. to go against the social righteousness.

Now, the CCP is doing everything they can to accuse all anti-CCP individuals and organizations including Miles Guo and Steven Bannon as cults. The CCP had organized and sent out journalist from HBO VICE to further create crooked heresy on the anti-CCP, and to create even larger social hatred towards the Chinese people. This is exactly the behavior of the cult of CCP. 

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