GT Online: The CCP will Perpetuate Man-Made Disasters

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Decades have passed since the so-called “great era” of the Chinese Communist Party. To date, no one has dared to write about this heinous era. The New Federal State of China will have to give the true figures of how many good people were killed by the Communist Party.

The intellectuals were the first to bear the brunt of the 10-year turmoil. They were persecuted to death in countless numbers. It was inhumane destruction of culture. It was unparalleled in its brutalization of humanity. It was a time when even beating innocent people to death in front of  their faces did not feel criminal. Xi Jinping, who lived in the 20th century, wants to replicate it. He, who suffered the humiliation of the Cultural Revolution as a teenager, is now engaged in an even more inhumane killing campaign than the Cultural Revolution. This shows that there is no devil in the world, it is the bad hearts that become the devil. If the Chinese Communist Party is not destroyed, the scourge of man will always exist. Therefore, the annihilation of the CCP is the need of justice.

I have read too many tragic cases of the Cultural Revolution. I shed tears several times while reading them. In those absurd times, under the compulsion of ideology, it was surprising that every household felt that harming, fighting and torturing people was a correct political choice. The fights that were staged in every corner of China were live versions of horror movies!

If you speak a word of truth, you immediately become a counter-revolutionary. When people get along with each other, they turn over their views very fast. Today you fight me, tomorrow I fight you, the fight  is very fierce, and the number of families with lives in danger is innumerable.

Today, when I read about Mr. Lu Feng on a public website, I felt a sigh of relief for Mr. Lu after reading about the many tragedies during the Cultural Revolution. I both lament his inability to see the backwardness of the times, and salute his intellectual pride!

Mr. Lu Feng studied Russian literature and leftist positions in the Republican era. He spent most of his time teaching in remote provinces such as Sichuan and Guizhou. Because he always criticized the national government, he was not tolerated by the schools. In 1947 he resigned from Guizhou University and moved to Taiwan. On the eve of the defeat of the Kuomintang, he returned to the mainland to show his ambition. This led to his tragic life, which also led to the humiliation in the Red Hell.

In May 1949, Lu Feng, who was hiding in Taiwan Normal University teaching aesthetics, could not wait to pack his bags and return to the mainland when the Kuomintang retreated from Taiwan. He joined Shandong University to teach and began what he thought was his ideal life.

In 1951, the whole country was in a frenzy of criticism of the movie “The Legend of Wu Xun”. Students and faculty at Shandong University, Wu Xun’s hometown, followed the trend and whipped the former sage with great fanfare. In the classroom, Lu Feng said: “Wu Xun is also a sage of your Shandong Province, what is wrong with him running a voluntary school? When there was no money, he went around collecting donations and even begging, which showed his tenacity and persistence in running the school. How did he become a sinner?”

These remarks were considered treacherous in the circumstances of the time, and certainly could not escape criticism. The political trendsetter Literary Art Newspaper even named him and blamed him, and the school authorities said they could settle the matter as long as he admitted his mistake. But he refused to do so. When a criticism conference was held against him, he quietly found an acquaintance and ran to the People’s Literature Publishing House as a translator.

In 1955, the “Hu Feng Case”, the first major case in the literary and artistic circles that shocked the whole country, began. It was reported that Hu had “denied the significance of revolutionary practice and ideological reform in his literary creation”. He was classified as an “anti-Party group”. The entire literary and artistic circles opened fire and unanimously denounced him.

On May 25, 1955, led by Guo Moruo, the Federation of Literary and Art Circles convened a meeting of more than 700 prominent figures in the literary and art circles to criticize him, including Lv Feng, who had a close relationship with Hu Feng in the Republican era. Guo Moruo took the lead and said that counter-revolutionaries must be suppressed. Later, more than 20 delegates unanimously scolded Hu Feng in their speeches. Lv, who was not on the list of speakers, stood up several times to speak in such a frenzied atmosphere and was stopped by colleagues sitting next to him. He simply walked straight up to the podium and grabbed the microphone and said, “For Hu Feng I think it should not be said that it is a political issue, but an academic issue, a debate on the concept of literature and art, not to mention that he is counter-revolutionary ……”

He was rebuked on the spot by Guo Moruo. A large group of people then rushed on stage to drive him straight off the stage. In fact, Lu Feng and Hu Feng knew each other but did not have a friendship. The two people had a heated argument in their early years because of their incompatible views on literary and artistic creation. But it is such a little friendship, Lv flu would dare to stand up and speak. There was no accident, Lv flu’s words brought him to his doom. He was declared incommunicado for up to a year after he walked out of the meeting, until the top brass named him and released him. 

But when the Cultural Revolution emerged in 1966, this part of his history was inevitably fished out again. He was characterized as “a member of Hu Feng’s counter-revolutionary group who had slipped through the net”. He was criticized, beaten and sent to Beijing’s Liangxiang Farm and Qinghe Farm for a long period of labor reform. He was humiliated and deprived of food and clothing. This weak and hard-hearted scholar, facing a time when he could not see any light, could not survive the mental hardship and suffered from schizophrenia. He was so weak that he was only 50 pounds …… On March 5, 1969, Lu Feng died in a labor farm at the age of 55.

His cellmates wrapped his body in a reed mat and buried it on the spot. The tombstone was only half a brick, with the word “Lv Flu” written in chalk. Of course, in the end, his bones did not survive. What is left to the world today is only the aesthetic writings of Mr. Lu Feng!



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