Chinese Communist Party Retaliates Against Walmart for Stopping Sale of Xinjiang Products

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Walmart recently announced that it was taking Xinjiang products off the shelves to comply with the “anti-forced labor law,” according to foreign media. This week the Chinese media began to publicize the $50,000 fine imposed on this super chain store last year, along with the criticism of Intel. Forced by a major internal propaganda and online water army offensive, Intel, a U.S. semiconductor company, has removed its comments about Xinjiang and apologized. Previously Intel had asked partners to avoid sourcing from the Xinjiang region because of concerns about human rights violations.

Last December, a media outlet affiliated with the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection warned Walmart not to stop selling products from Xinjiang. Days later, the Market Authority announced administrative penalties against Walmart for digital security breaches.

The Biden administration passed legislation in December to halt most imports from Xinjiang to the U.S. market because of the CCP’s genocidal behavior, while announcing a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Games.

On Wednesday, the Guangdong Market Administration issued a $300,000 fine to Walmart and included it in its case materials for violating the “Anti-Unfair Competition Law.” China is the second-largest overseas market of this world’s largest retailer, second only to Mexico in terms of retail space and 22 percent of last year’s $559 billion in turnover.

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