Florida Will not Enforce Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

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Florida will not enforce the Biden administration’s mandatory vaccination policy for health care workers, which was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, said Pushaw, press secretary for the Florida governor’s office, on January 13.

Pushaw said the state welcomes the fact that the Supreme Court blocked OSHA’s order, but is sorry to see the high court uphold the CMS ruling. Firing unvaccinated health care workers is unethical and unscientific. Florida will not act as the Biden administration’s biomedical police. Furthermore, hospitals in California and New York State require infected health care workers to be quarantined for only five days before they can return to work, which is no way to guarantee anyone’s safety. Florida should make every effort to avoid the situation that would result from mandatory vaccinations, which would result in a shortage of staff.

The CMS rule applies to hospitals and other health care facilities that receive Medicaid and Medicare funds and covers 17 million health care workers in 76,000 facilities. CMS allows for exemptions due to disability or religious beliefs, observances, etc., as well as medical reasons.

To that end, Pushaw stressed the importance of all Florida employers complying with their state’s laws. She encourages healthcare professionals who need to apply for a religious or medical exemption to complete the FDOH exemption form and provide it to their local employer.

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