Canadian Department of National Defense Files Lawsuit Against More Than 900 Unvaccinated Military Personnel

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – laplace33

Recently, the Canadian Department of National Defense(DND) has filed a lawsuit against more than 900 members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have not been vaccinated against the CCP virus. It is reported that the Chief Staff of DND previously requested that Canadian military personnel should be fully vaccinated against the CCP virus by October 2021, a date that has now been delayed until mid-December.

The current vaccination rate for Canadian military personnel is 98.3%. By the end of December, more than 830 members of the Armed Forces had received formal warnings for not being vaccinated. There are another 100 unvaccinated service members who had been formally reviewed and 44 active service members had been forced to opt out of the military. A court challenge to vaccine mandates filed by service members had also been rejected.

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