The CCP Fits the Six Characteristics of a Cult

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Snorlax

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In two Miles Grand Live broadcasts on January 12 and 14, 2022, Miles Guo talked about the six characteristics of a cult and emphasized that the CCP is a cult that fits these characteristics perfectly.

The six characteristics of a cult include personal worship, collection of money and wealth, anti-social, mind control, secret association, and creation of evil doctrines. In contrast, the nature of the CCP as a cult is clearly revealed.

The CCP is good at “making gods.” From the “Long Live Chairman Mao” to the worship of Xi Jinping as the “One Supreme Being,” the CCP has used the cult of the individual to carry out dictatorial rule.

From the “fight the rich and divide the land” at the beginning of the Chinese Communist Party to the “common prosperity” nowadays, the Communist Party has deprived the Chinese people of their private property and amassed land and wealth in the hands of a few families of Communist kleptocrats.

The anti-social attributes of the CCP are reflected in its use of network firewalls and data surveillance to monitor all Chinese people and creating genocide in Tibet and Xinjiang. Under the CCP’s totalitarian control and suppression, Chinese society is devoid of freedom of speech, freedom of information, and human rights.

The CCP’s mind control includes controlling public opinion, news, and education and promoting red songs. The Chinese people are fooled by the brainwashing propaganda that “father and mother are not as close as the Party.” The CCP makes brainwashed people to only believe in the Communist Party.

From the “underground” organization before the founding of the Communist Party to the Politburo Standing Committee system after the founding of the Communist Party, the Communist Party has been a “secret society.” The so-called “National People’s Congress” and the “Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference” of the Chinese Communist government are all false installations.

The list of heresies created by the CCP is endless. From Mao Zedong’s quotes to Xi Jinping’s “Chinese Dream,” none of them are true and none of them can be realized.

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