Biden’s Approval Rating Drops to 33%, a Record New Low in the Latest Poll

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On January 12, the latest poll released by Quinnipiac University in the United States showed that Biden’s approval rating fell to 33%, setting a record low since taking office.

According to Apple Daily, the poll, which surveyed 1,313 adults from January 7 to 10, found that Biden’s approval rating fell from nearly 60% at the beginning of his inauguration to 33%, and his disapproval rating was as high as 53%, with another 13% having no opinion. The poll has a statistical margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 percentage points.

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Among Democratic supporters, 75% of voters still support Biden’s job performance. However, among Republican supporters, as high as 95% of respondents disagree with Biden’s performance, with a support rating of only 2%. The huge gap is also a testament to the growing turmoil and division in American domestic politics.

“COVID,” Tim Malloy, polling analyst for Quinnipiac, said of the main factor behind Biden’s polling slide. “It’s a looming cloud over the country right now and over the presidency.”

Others believe that Biden’s push for a vaccine mandate and his failure to identify the source of the COVID-19 virus are the main reasons for the decline in his poll.

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拜登民調雪崩式下跌 支持率33%創新低

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