Broadcast|GETTR: Game Changer of Social Media

By: MOS Business Team – April

On December 5 Miles Guo Grand Live, Miles talked about the massive value of GETTR. Miles said that current spicier media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. are all big tech companies or big groups monopolizing individual users, groups control, and slave individuals. On the contrary, GETTR created a blockchain interactive new model based on individual users communicating freely with true information, while not being monopolized by the platform. Among which, the most outstanding part of the GETTR platform lies in linking finance together with human behavior— this module broke the strict monitoring and restrictions of Fiat currencies on people from countries all over the world. Truly liberates currency, freedom, human rights, and information.

Miles Hip also mentioned that, during this catastrophic pandemic of the world, all the old social media have sinned, and every sin has a price to pay, such as death. However, GETTR does not have sins, it’s a platform to provide new life and faith. In addition, Miles said GETTR is a game-changer of social media. The era of individual users led by GETTR has arrived. Speaking of which, sign-ups of GETTR continues increasing.

GETTR: Game Changer of Social Media

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