【G-Hour News】The possible adverse effects of the COVID19 booster will eventually weaken the immunity

Yangfan Farm, Vancouver, Canada ,Broadcast: Lili Li ,Video Production: Azexi

News from the National File on Wednesday, January 13th stated that the National Archives reported in December that Israeli experts warned that COVID19 booster injections cause so-called immune system fatigue . Now the EU regulators have joined in warning, booster injections may weaken the immune system.

The National Archives reported in an article published in The New York Times in December ,experts admitted that too many COVID19 boosters may actually cause immune fatigue,thereby impairing the body’s ability to fight the virus .

EU warns frequent COVID19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune system, and it may not work, adding that getting the booster shot every 4 months could end up weakening and exhausting the immune system.

Michael Coverling, head of biological health treats and vaccine strategy, said at a news conference on Tuesday that booster doses can be done once, but should not be repeated. We need to think about how to transition from the current pandemic environment to an endemic environment ,so they are now recommending that people extend the interval between shots ,and take into account the local winter flu start time when deciding to re-inject .

EU’s warning targets Pfizer and Moderna CEOs, a campaign by mainstream media to push for a fourth COVID19 shot.However, facts have proved that Fauci and the pharmaceuticals CEOs have to admit that the vaccine is not working and not effective. So why are the governments of various countries supported by the deep state still vigorously forcing vaccines? Isn’t it worth thinking about?

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