1/14/2022 Summary Of Mr. Miles Guo Live Broadcasting

1. The man who interrogated Sun Lijun was arrested before the live broadcasting.

2. The Supreme Court of the U.S. calls for the suspension of vaccine mandate, which is a law. While the CCP is enforcing this through executive orders.

3. The Supreme Court of the United States calls off vaccine mandate: As long as the U.S. stops, the world is bound to stop, and the world’s extermination of vaccine by law began yesterday!

4. Zeng and Jiang are really good at playing with power. Xi Jinping’s team is less than 1% of theirs.

5. Omicon: Be sure to wear a mask.

6. Four priorities: (1) Do not vaccinate. (2) Wearing a mask. (3) Don’t go out. (4) Compared with state power, the Whistleblower Movement is a grain of sand.

7. The U.S. once wanted to eliminate digital currencies from the earth, but the Federal Reserve is now ready to cooperate with Himalaya Dollar.

8. It is a 100 percent fact that 94% of Bitcoin is controlled by 6% of people.

9. Recently 70 rich fellow fighters managed to escape from China under the CCP. They were afraid to buy Himalaya Coin in China and bought 400,000 Himalaya coins from the secondary market one after another after escaping!

10. Li Yongbo will be 100 percent arrested.

11. In the collusion process of Winter Olympic Games, the CCP and Foreign ministers of six countries must talk about: (1) Not allowed to collude with the New Federal State of China. (2) Not allowed to cooperate with Himalaya Exchange. (3) Must block GTV and Gnews, but do not dare to mention GETTR registered in the U.S..

12. YouTube and the CCP worked together to block the fellow fighters ‘ YouTube account in exchange for Chinese market.

13. Joe Rogan misunderstands GETTR data falsification.

14. Xiao Feixiang’s political asylum was granted in a few months, indicating that the USCIS recognized the New Federal State of China as target of persecution.

15. The fastest way to get political asylum is not Xiao Feixiang. In 2018, the fellow fighter escaped from China because he was persecuted for watching Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasting, and then his application for political asylum was immediately approved by immigration officers.

16. The CCP sent 6 undercover agents to G Clubs. In the first lottery, 2 people won and all were cashed in, causing the operation to fail.

17. Zeng Xiangbin, sales manager of Maotai liquor, committed suicide, knowing that his end was near.

18. In the relationship between men and women, the CCP is the most evil! As long as a little fame of young and old stars had sex with Sun Lijun.

19. It will happen this year: (1) Economic crisis (Earlier than expected) (2) Virus traceability. The CCP is the final scapegoat of worldwide economic crisis and virus traceability.

20. No live broadcasting on Sunday, and then live on Monday.

Chinese Version: Wenjun
Translator: π&π
Proofreading: Tracy

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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