The New Federal State of China Takes Unscrupulous Media by the Throat and Breaks the Chinese Exclusion Conspiracy

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On January 12, Mr. Guo Wengui mentioned Isobel Yeung again in GTV and Gettr’s big live broadcast, saying that she had a plan to cooperate with the CCP and that the HBO interview video and the QAnon organization, were traps set by the CCP five years ago.

Isobel Yeung started working with the Chinese Communist Party four years ago and has since embarked on a path of no return to slander Mr. Guo. She began planning this interview a year ago with the aim of defining Mr. Guo and The New Federal State of China as a cult and all anti-communist Chinese overseas as thugs. QAnon is a conspiracy to lead people in the wrong direction by spreading false information.

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The infamous QAnon group has been making waves in all kinds of social media, and they are good at complicating a simple matter and turning impossible actions into “justice” that must be carried out. If the New Federal State of China had not formally cut ties with the QAnon organization in time, most people would have been misled.

In fact, QAnon is 100% a platform for a contest between the U.S. and the Communist Party, and definitely a platform for disinformation controlled by the CCP.

QAnon, HBO, and Isobel Yeung want to make the New Federal State of China a cult group and a disinformation den for spreading false information, which is the core purpose of the Chinese Communist Party. Because they all received black money from the CCP, they have to work for it. It is understood that the gold owners behind them are Jiang Zhicheng and Wu Zheng.

This media conspiracy, which began four or five years ago, is deadly and frightening at every step.

Exclusion of Chinese and Asians has begun to appear

A white lady in a Canadian mall shouting at Chinese people accusing them of bringing the virus to the world. In a shopping mall in Singapore, someone in Malay blamed the Chinese for bringing the virus to the world; scolded the Chinese for deserving to be killed. In Japan, some people ranting Chinese get back to China, the Japanese want revenge. Institutions in Europe and the United States have begun to privately exclude Chinese students and even Asian students. The occurrence of these events indicates a trend of Chinese exclusion.

Looking back at Isobel Yeung’s elaborately planted video, without the foresight of Mr. Guo and the Whistleblower Movement, and without practical actions to counter the lies, the wave of Chinese exclusion could have swept the world long ago.

Isobel Yeung, HBO, VICE are cult purveyors

Isobel Yeung, HBO, and VICE are the purveyors of a cult that blatantly creates mass racial hatred through brainwashing, mind control, and fabrication of perverted doctrines, which is typical of sociopathic behavior.

CCP Attacks U.S. with Ideological Tumor

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Funds, manages trillions of dollars in assets. He and his son are the agents of the CCP, vampires who brutalize the Chinese people. Ray Dalio has done unimaginable harm to the Chinese people and will surely be judged harshly by the United States in the future.

While the Chinese Communist Party is in full swing with shared wealth, he wants to do the same in the United States. And the essence of shared wealth is to use communism to commune social wealth to the few families at the top.

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